Empowering consumers with mobile applications & empowering providers with PaaS platform . Clinivantage provides a predictive tool to manage health, foster preventive measures and enable chronic disease management through integrated hardware, mobile applications and services.

Clinivantage simplifies healthcare innovations for patients across technology, transactions & data. This includes, providers and payers. A disruptive universal consumer centric care platform integrated across software, devices and doctors.


Collaborative healthcare platform for providers & consumers that has built in tools to manage and improve administrative,  operational, clinical and personal health management services with use of latest technology and medical devices. 

Platform with capabilities to plug in new proprietary services and with collaboration ability. This includes all third party services to manage workflows for improving care delivery and enhance predictive care management.

ProCare Healthcare Connected Ecosystem: Improved access to modern medicine for wellness with big data and analytics that enables risk assessment and prediction.


Clinivantage puts patients in greater control of their health. Provides an integrated digital platform that connects doctors, hospitals, caregivers and service providers with patients in real time.


By placing the patient at the focal point, Clinivantage brings speed, simplicity, transparency and efficacy to patient care.