Internet of Applications - IoA and DoT


Telemedicine with integrated healthcare IoT device.This solution integrates video presence, integration of IoT healthcare devices and data management platform allowing last mile healthcare delivery where presence of physicians is limited. This has received national recognition and has been adapted as a platform of choice by the Govt of Maharashtra [Population - 120 Mn] for its Smart Villages Program for 1000 villages.


Innovative Personal Health Record - MyLife.

Empowering patient app which allows individuals complete access to their health records.

This integrates with PMS, EMR, PACS, LIS and HIS. This is an extremely popular CRM tool to improve patient acquisition and retention for doctors, clinics & hospitals.


Patient Management

PMS - Patient Management System.

An innovative template driven solution making work flow in the Out Patient domain efficient, & safe. PMS properly records data, and is a complete "regulatory compliant" offering for doctors.

The ability of PMS to seamlessly integrate with our patient app allows increased patient satisfaction and a higher potential revenue.

Electronic Medical Record

EMR - Electronic Medical Record

EMR with CareBridge. An extremely innovative world-class electronic medical record which allows clinicians to care for their patient irrespective of geographic proximity.

This forms the backbone of any hospital and allows significant cost reduction in operational costs whilst also improving safety of care protocols. Data sharing and innovative analytics makes this an essential tool for healthcare insurance companies to significantly reduce cost of care


PACS - Picture Archiving and Communication System

Clinivantage PACS solution simplifies the work processes of radiology, enabling easy reporting and sharing of images with providers and patients. We are integrating latest analytics and machine learning techniques to our platform which already allows 3D rendering to further enhance the value of radiology data.


OTIMS - Operation Theatre Information Management System

An innovative & unique offering which automates the process flow within the operating theatre. A single click scheduling automatically ensures that all dependent processes are initiated and is flexible enough to adapt to any intra operative variations.

This system integrates seamlessly with any HIS to ensure robust integration. Integrates with financial modules to create electronic invoicing and ensuring timely cash flow.


ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning

Our ERP solution unlocks financial efficiency and productivity gains by generating action points based on intelligent data and efficient use of resources.


HIMS - Healthcare Information Management System

Clinivantage HIS offers an integrated single solution for the diverse requirements of a complex modern hospital. This is a proven solution that has been integrated in multiple hospitals.

Analytics & BI

Advance Clinical Analytics & BI

The decision support system is vital for hospital administrators to capture data. This is relevant for improving operational efficiency and is a single click process with our advanced analytics. Our BI integrates with HIS and EMR.